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How to Identify an Agricultural PTO Driveline:

1) Measure the universal joint cup diameter using a pair of calipers.

Our U-joint table is indexed by cup diameter using milimeters. See conversion form at the bottom of this page.

2) Measure the length of the universal joint with the caps on.

* Note: If the U-joint uses inside rings, please measure the distance between them also.

3) Notice the shape of the tubing and measure it.

Now we are trying to identify the manufacturer. Who made it?

4) If the assembly is splined it may belong to any of the vendors.

Measure the outside diameter of the splines and count their number. Also, measure the outside diameter of the round tube.


5) Measuring the application

Identify input and output shaft dimensions

Measure for length

Is the application a 3-point or turning hitch ?

( a closed measurement is preferred, but groove to groove of shafts in working position will work also)


6) Now that you have all the needed measurements, you may either use our universal joint table to identify your part, or call Drive Line Service of Fresno - 800-824-0706.... or . email!


Conversion form: inches to milimeters

inches = = milimeters