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Walterscheid Series

(UJ= 22x55 mm)    26 HP@540 RPM / 35 HP@1000 RPM
(UJ= 24x61 mm)    43 HP@540 RPM / 67 HP@1000 RPM
(UJ=27x74.5mm)    49 HP@540 RPM / 85 HP@1000 RPM
(UJ= 32x76 mm)    85 HP@540 RPM /133 HP@1000 RPM
(UJ= 36x89 mm)    109HP@540 RPM /170 HP@1000 RPM
(UJ=42x104mm)    167HP@540 RPM /270 HP@1000 RPM
(UJ=50x118mm)    249HP@540 RPM /388 HP@1000 RPM
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Our Walterscheid inventory includes:

    All standard parts.
    Assemblies in 2400, 2500, 2600, 2700 series.
    Constant Velocity Assemblies in 2480 and 2580 series.

    Most Clutches and components

    Note: Unusual parts, especially clutch parts, will ship from Germany. Lead times will vary from 3 weeks to 12. However, Walterscheid will expidite shipment for a reasonable fee.


 Replacements for Weasler CV shafts