SPL140 Series Driveline Parts
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SPL140 Series Driveline Parts

SPL140 Universal Joints

straps & spring tabs
universal joint
Part Number Cup Diameter Length (B) Snap Ring Nominal Torque Series Type
SPL140X 1.936 5.028 spring tabs SPL140

SPL140 Tube Yokes

Dana's complete listing of Tube Yokes
Part Number Tube Size (H) Length Angle

SPL140 Flange Yokes

Dana's complete listing of Flange Yokes

SPL140 Sleeves

Part Number Diameter Splines (J) Length (F) Tube Size Boot Mates with
140-55-21X 3.0710 30 6.713 100-30-3 212059X 140-82-21X

SPL140 Slip Yokes

SPL140 Yokeshafts

Part Number Diameter Splines (K) Length (L) Length of Spline (R) Length of Shaft Angle Notes

SPL140 End Yokes

SPL140 Midship End Yokes

Part Number Diameter Splines (Q) Bore (S) Length Mates with

SPL140Mid Ship Assembly

Diameter Splines Tubing Stub Center Bearing Fixed Yoke

SPL140 Mid Ship Assembly

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